Mercedes-Benz C-Class Wagen Converted into a Black Warrior


Although we have seen many different models of modified cars, there are outstanding modified styles that make guys crazy, such as EVO, STi, Type-R and high R, but they are always only to meet the hobby of male friends, can not attract the girl’s attention that is our final purpose! Today’s Mercedes-Benz C200 Travel Edition (W204) is different. He makes every passing girl want to get in the car.

This W204 was purchased by Sam in 2012. “At that time I wanna have a Wagen car cause that is cool for moficiation. But in China we have less wagen models for selection, so, finally I chose W204.”

Before the W204 Wagen, Sam also modified a Ford Focus. Since that, he has installed a Accuair pneumatic suspension on Focus that can be lifted at any time. After lowering the body, the charm of the multi-piece forged wheel is fully exerted!

“Since I have chosen Hellapush, to W204 i will still insist to retrofit Hellapush style. It will cost much time, because my car modifications are basically made by manual DIY, spending time, energy and money. Relatively speaking, it will be much more than others! No one can get it in one step, time, money, and ideas are indispensable. The most memorable modification experience is the process of cutting the front fender, it will be very long! Summarize in one sentence: the car is not in the modified shop, or on the way to the modified shop!”

“Although I have to spend about 60,000 dollar before and after modifying this car, I am very satisfied with the effect of the final product! Whether it is carbon fiber cover, enveloping, exhaust, wheel, dip or interior decoration. This is what I think in my heart. But ‘her’ is not perfect. After all, the horsepower of 184 horsepower is not powerful enought to drag a full of 1.6 tons body.

“A lot of my thoughts are personally negotiated and developed by the owner of the modified shopkeeper. I personally participate in it. After all, I think that the biggest significance of playing a modified car is that you can personally add ‘her’ to you step by step, and Watching ‘her’ grow up according to her own ideas!”

After the completion, Sam had participated in several modification competitions, but he did not win the prize. “There is room for improvement in this car. If conditions permit, I will continue to change. The next plan is to re-built the interior and try to make the most perfect look in my mind!”

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