Mercedes-Benz presents its all-terrain academy


Many may think that luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz only develop luxurious, fast models, with attractive designs. Whose use is limited to asphalt terrain, but forget the wide range of vehicles that the star brand has designed to conquer any track and overcome obstacles that can find on uncovered roads?

It is important to remember that Mercedes-Benz entered the world of 4×4 with its G-Class, more than 40 years ago in the early 1970s, when Daimler-Benz AG and Steyr-Daimler-Puch joined forces to develop the Mercedes Benz G-Class, a vehicle that was initially thought of as a military vehicle, but that became an exceptional all-terrain vehicle.

That was how, in 1979, the first Mercedes-Benz G-Class was introduced, with four types of engines that generated powers ranging from 72 hp to 156 hp.

From the iconic model development, the brand of the star has evolved in the implementation of systems. That allows its line of 4×4 models to have the capabilities to transit through complicated terrain and to show all these types of qualities. The Dirty Academy born by Mercedes-Benz Cars.


This event, whose first edition held in the Colombian capital, allowed attendees to experience a journey behind the wheel based on innovation, endurance, and power, aboard a caravan formed by vehicles of the brand’s new SUV line: GLA200, GLC 300, GLC 300D, GLE 450 and GLS 500.

The first part of the tour was between Bogota and Villa de Leyva, where the comfort and diversity of driving assistance of these vehicles allowed the route to enjoy on paved roads with its new t10 led bulb for fog light.

But it was during the second part of the new test drive format of the brand, where it was possible to perceive the ability of all SUVs to travel without a problem through hard terrain, uncovered roads, slopes with considerable inclinations and roads where dust predominated than in dust. Many times reduced visibility on the road.

In addition to the power, comfort, soundproofing of the cabin, assistance systems and outstanding suspension systems, the permanent company of the assistant that activates with the voice command also highlighted.


‘Hey, Mercedes’ or ‘Hello, Mercedes’, to which the vehicle responds: ‘Yes, how can I help you’ or ‘What can I do for you?’. So that the driver or occupants can ask for actions such as raising, lowering the temperature of the air conditioning or heating. Calling a contact from the phonebook of the connected phone, tuning in to the favorite station, or asking for the location of restaurants, stations of service, or sites of interest. All while traveling between dust and mud that had the roads chosen by the experts of the Dirty Academy.

Undoubtedly, this type of test allows us to know all the capabilities of these vehicles, and that is the main objective of the representatives of the German brand. It announced that in the coming months, this experience would take to cities such as Medellín and Cali, through 10 caravans on rough terrain that represent a challenge for Mercedes-Benz SUVs and for star brand lovers who want to test their performance on Off-Road terrain.

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