How to install a led headlight in Mercedes

Today we got an awesome product to review. I wanna share what we got, A brand new car H7 LED headlight bulbs. It’s not an ordinary keep made LED light bulb but made for automotive using.

This is the bulb waterproof of 360 degrees adjustable, it has 3000K, 6500K and 8000K color temperature, 30,000 hours warranty on the LED part. Those are the filters here for the different line so you all we need to do is just put it on the light bulb. This is the light bulb and here’s a special heating special design, so it doesn’t have a fan. You can see how adjustable it is, sometimes you put LED lights and a point in the sky instead of going towards more to the right and left, so you can be wider angle of the road.

Remove the airbox, so we can actually get to the headlight bulb because it’s limited space in that vehicle and it takes only need to remove the airbox.

We got a bulb out the way so we have all the room that we need. Remove the cap and get to the bowl. Put the LED bulb into it, twist it and lock it in place. Connect the light and cover the cap.

Let’s turn it on, it isn’t even blind, the pattern looks really good compared to other LED bulbs, it hit at the same level the original satellite. It’s supposed to be better it definitely recommends with the 360-degree adjustable base.

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