How to Change the Coolant System

coolant system

As a general rule, just as the oil reaches a certain period, this liquid ceases to be efficient. It stops transporting the heat optimally to the radiator, in addition to the fact that this liquid protects against corrosion.

How is this coolant changed?

– First of all: to empty the circuit, we must loosen the main sleeve, and the radiator drains, and if it has the engine block. All this collecting in a container for further treatment.

– Secondly: we must guarantee the circuit with clean water until clear water comes out.

coolant system

To do this, we will remove the coolant, add water, and put the engine to work for about 20 minutes, remove the water, and have to do this until it is completely clear.

Also, in the market, there are cleaning products for cooling systems that leave the circuit clean. For this, we must check that it does not affect any part of the set, since, as an example, products with Sosa can affect parts such as aluminum present in the radiator, cylinder heads, etc.

We must be careful with these products since we can create an internal breakdown, such as deterioration of sleeves, water pump, etc.

– Thirdly: filling, we will fill with coolant through the expansion tank, previously closed the entire circuit.

– Fourth: purged the circuit, the circuit must be released from all the air, for that we must use the traps.

coolant system

Normally there are 3, located in:

  • The upper part of the radiator.
  • Thermostat housing
  • Heating sleeve.

On the other hand, there are self-purging cars, which do not carry traps and do not need manual purging.

  • Put the car with the heating to the maximum to facilitate the filling of the complete circuit.
  • Finally, adjust the coolant level in the expansion tank and close the tank with the cap.
  • We will start the engine and wait for the electro fan to connect.

coolant system

Now we go with some practical tips to keep in mind:

  • Tip 1: After two days of changing the coolant, with the car completely cold, look again at the level and, if necessary, add more.
  • Tip 2: Normally, the coolant should be changed every two years, since it loses both cooling and protective properties, but beware, some you come for life, we will consult our vehicle manual.
  • Tip 3: Do not introduce cold coolant to a very hot engine at once, as it will suffer, and we can create damage to the cylinder head. Even if we lose this liquid while driving, we must wait for it to cool down to fill the circuit.

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