How to Keep Your Car Ready for Autumn

keep your car ready for Autumn

And it is that after the summer, and the holidays (if you have been lucky enough to take), the only thing you thought about is having a good time and leaving your vehicle away, without good maintenance and therefore, it neglected.

What better opportunity than the return to the routine and the change of season, to devote a little time to our vehicle and leave it ready for a good operation this fall, in addition to that we will thank you, we will avoid possible problems for the future.

keep your car ready for Autumn

We must pay attention to the different parts of the vehicle, such as:

1st tires. With the change of season, the rains begin again, and therefore you will need to have the tires in full conditions so that the wet driving is as effective as possible. For this, we must look at the drawing, which has not reached the wear marks. These marks indicate the condition of the tire and the effectiveness of the tire in adverse conditions.

Apart from this, we must see that they are with adequate pressure, and if we have vibrations, it is appropriate to take it to balance.

keep your car ready for Autumn

2nd The engine. We must pay attention to the different liquids, and mainly to the refrigerant. If, by chance, we carry water, it is advisable to change it to be prepared for the winter, and at cold temperatures, the water can freeze and cause breakage of sleeves and the breakage of different pieces as well as the zero cooling.

We will take the opportunity to review the oil, and if the kilometers are expired, we will proceed to change it.

We will also take a look at the level of brake fluid.

3rd Body. With the rains, the sun, and the cold, the paint of our car will suffer; it is advisable to provide wax-based protection so that it protected from the elements.

keep your car ready for Autumn

4th Lubrication. Our car has many components that need grease to work properly; we must put grease on the hinges of the doors, lubricate the locks, and other mobile components of the car.

5th Windshield wiper and windshield washer. If you are in an area where winter loaded with rainfall, pay attention to this section. We will replace the windshield wipers for better sleep, and we will pour the liquid into the tank in case of needing it for lack of clarity in the vision, to be able to use and improve our safety at the wheel.

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