How to Make a Long Car Trip

long car trip

This summer, if you are deciding to leave you’re usual residential and start a holiday period, you may consider going out with your car and taking a long trip to a distant place, for example, an international destination.

Many factors must take in the gutter to make a long trip, but we must also feel in a position to face the trip, since the driver, when he is behind the wheel for many hours, gradually loses his powers of reaction.

From the public organisms they advise that the driver stops at least every two hours so that when continuing to increase his reflexes again, he also warns that he must be well hydrated.

Apart from this point, others are necessary to take into account when taking a vacation destination; we will list them below.

long car trip

1, Have a vehicle tuned: At this point, we will discuss reliability, it is important to keep our vehicle mechanically checked, wheels, and other components, without forgetting liquids.

To do this, we advise you to write it down and review it one week before embarking on a trip.

We must clean the interior where we will spend many hours, that it is as clean as possible and if we are going to put an air freshener that is of a neutral smell and not very strong since it can make you dizzy or get a headache.

2, Drive-by sections and by turn: It is advisable to draw on a map or a GPS section of 200 kilometers or so and take this break to change the driver so it will be easier to reach the destination and safer.

We recommend going out at night, but that is to the driver’s liking, this will cause us not to use the air conditioning, the other occupants the vehicle can sleep, and a more bearable trip will make.

long car trip

3, Use the air conditioning efficiently: many of the occupants are bothered by the use of air conditioning in cars, so we recommend putting the air conditioning at a low level and not directly on people and playing with the optimum temperature vehicle. If we are going to sleep in the vehicle, we also advise taking a small blanket to cover ourselves; it is cold.

4, Rest: As we have already said in point 2 and at the beginning of this article, the authorities advise to take a rest every so often (200km or 2h of travel) so we must take advantage of the rest to have an isotonic drink or with a little caffeine to continue the trip and be alert. We must stay well, hydrated.

5, Program your route: remember that you can avoid many traffic jams by avoiding crowded areas as well as busy areas with small detours. For this, you need to use a GPS or map that shows us the conflicting points of our trip and how we can avoid them; this will make humor and exhaustion not detract from the person and keep a good mood until the end of the trip.

long car trip

Remember, although it is not the first time we say it, the important thing is to arrive at the destination. It is not to arrive as soon as possible if you do not arrive and well. This summer, many trips are expected, respect the traffic rules, and avoid putting your friends or family. In dangerous situations, the world is full of underground heroes, not be one of them.

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