How to Repair the Front Bearing

front bearing

If you are experiencing this problem of a loud noise in your car that is gradually becoming more and more noticeable and you need to solve it, it is possibly a bearing.

The bearings are pieces that carry small balls inside said piece, which makes it roll through the middle of a track and makes the wheel spin freely. Normally, with time, these pieces usually fail and cause these noises so annoying, especially when you go by the highway.

The most common causes that can cause a bearing to fail are the kilometers, the changes of the tire by a larger one, by changing the support point of the axles using spacers, etc.

Normally, they do not usually affect the track where the bearings rotate, so it is not necessary to change it, it is only necessary to know what bearing it is and make the change.

front bearing

How a front bearing replaced

The first thing is to remove the wheel. For this, we will lift the car with a cat; we will secure it and take out the wheel.

Secondly, we will remove the brake caliper and the brake disc; for the caliper, there are two screws at the rear of the caliper, and the disc only held with a screw in the middle.

Thirdly, we will remove the nut that holds the shield in the center, and the lower part of the platelet/sleeve, to free the movement to remove the bearing.

Fourth, we will remove the piece that supports the wheel bolts the screw in the center of the bearing and where it supports the disc.

front bearing

We take out if it carries the circlip, with a spike of tips.

Fifth, you will need a press or improvised. We have taken a threaded rod and rings of the bearing size to push and, on the other hand, a larger one so that it does not enter the bearing gap. We are giving him, and he will start dating little by little.

When we have everything outside, we clean it well where it should enter; we pour a little lubricating oil and do the press in reverse until it does not enter. Then with the old bearing hammering gently, we approach it, little by little until that is well seated, and we put the circlip and the rest in reverse.

Always ensuring at the end of the task have tightened all the screws.

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