What is a Kilometer Zero Car

car km 0

Today many sites, both physical and web pages, provide you with different offers of km 0 cars or new cars.

Without a doubt, a good car offer of km 0 can be an interesting option to save some money when buying a new vehicle.

First, we will explain what a car is km 0:

A car of this type is a car that has not circulated on public roads but has already registered, so it is not new and cannot carry that denomination.

Sometimes the dealers usually register the cars themselves to do so before a law changes or to liquidate stock offering the occasional juicy discount.

However, within the world of km 0 cars, there is something known as the fake km 0.

car km 0

Some vendors use km 0 as a claim, but then when we approach their odometer, this is not the case, so that it may be a demo vehicle.

If at the time of purchase at the dealership they tell you that they deliver it to you whenever you want but that it will still take some time to transfer it to your name, it could be a demo car.

Demo or demo vehicles are the cars that the dealership lends you to test your driving before a possible purchase

But, before rushing to buy one of these cards, you should know the pros and cons of the km 0 cars

In the following list, we list some of the advantages and disadvantages of these vehicles:


  • They are brand new cars: although technically they are not new cars because they have registered, they could be considered as such since they cannot exceed 100 km of taxiing.
  • Discounts: very interesting discounts usually accompany km 0 cars since the dealer is not usually interested in having them for a long time
  • Delivery: being a vehicle that is in stock, sign the relevant paperwork, and the delivery of your new car did immediately.

car km 0


  • You can not choose the car: even if you know what model you want, you can not choose other types of modifications such as color because, of course, they already manufactured.
  • The guarantee: the km 0 car warranty begins at the time of registration and not at the time you purchase it, so you must know how much the car has registered.
  • Some other surprise: if the car had registered as a rental car and the dealership does not notify you, the occasional fine may fall because the rental cars must pass the ITV after two years of purchase and not four.

If you want more information about the offers of new cars, you can go to the linked website, (which has very detailed information about the cars they sell), have a look and make the purchase of your new car.

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