What is the Handbrake for the Brake

the handbrake

Why doesn’t my car brake with the handbrake? What is this? It is a common problem for older cars that use drum brakes that do not stop on an incline with the auxiliary or hand braking system.

This system made up of a lever system that drives some shoes that expands and through the friction power against a drum causes the vehicle to stop, and we can use it as a parking brake.

If you have verified that it does not stop on a slope and you have to use the gear. The vehicle does not move from its place depending on the position; we will have to enter the reverse gear or the first one.

the handbrake

Well, if you have experienced the lack of braking in your vehicle or on the ITV it has not happened to you because you have deficient braking in the rear train these can be the causes:

1, Deaprosimation of the shoes: that they are not approaching the drum causing a brake dysfunction, which causes a zero braking. We must approach it by hand or by stepping on the brake pedal if our vehicle contains an auto approach.

2, That the brake shoes are worn: when the shoes wear, there is no friction of the compound that causes the vehicle to stop; in this case, we will need its replacement.

3, Wear of the brake drum: that no matter how much the shoe expands, it does not touch the drum, so friction does not occur, and in this case, there is no braking, or it is not very efficient.

the handbrake

4, That the drive cable is not in good condition: that the cable that operates is rigid or does not move which causes that the brake system is not activated using the lever in the cabin part of the vehicle.

5, That is not approximate. If you have never approached the handbrake, you can use it to approximate it using a screw on the brake lever or the brake plate. In the next post, we will show you how to do it.

I hope there is help to know what your car can fail and you can fix it.

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