What You Should Know Before Buy a Used Car

used car

When we are going to buy a second-hand car, the first thing we have to look at is the general state of the car. If you see that the car does not have a good presence, it is a good indicator of the treatment it has received.

But today we are going to explain the defects, so to speak, that we should look for in a second-hand car that can make us a ruinous purchase.

The seven tips that we are going to launch from here are:

1, First of all the oil / liquid leaks that the car may have: what we do before buying a car is to crouch in the front of the vehicle and look at the most conflictive areas, such as the part and surroundings of the Carter, bearings, losses in gearboxes, sleeve joints, and bulging sleeves.

used car

2, In the engine compartment, that is, inside the engine hood. We must observe the general state of the engine: lost the joints, the rust of the engine, and the cleanliness of the engine. An engine that has cleaned for sale is an indicator that it loses fluid and may be an indicator of long-term breakdowns. We must also observe in the area of ​​the injectors not to lose diesel.

3, The state of the lower part of the fins, as well as the lower parts of the vehicle: we will observe the state of the sheet, and possible badly made repairs (bulges of the paint, uneven paint in areas, thicker layer, sound different from the sheet, etc.)

4, The bottom of the car, as well as the exhaust line that is not rusty. At the bottom of the vehicle, we will see that it did not very hit from walking on dirt roads with stones.

used car

5, Inside, we must see that the wear of the materials of the cabin is consistent with the kilometers made by the former owner.

6, Be careful with commercial cars: they are cars with many kilometers that could even have turned the kilometers. Therefore, these cars usually put them pretty to put them in the sale. To know that it is a trade car, we must look at the clearance of the driver’s door since it is the most used, and therefore, the clearance of the door of this door is much greater than that of the passenger, which will be as if It was new. In addition to wearing on the driver’s seat.

used car

7, Mechanical parts: a classic look state of the clutch. The engine power, the strange noises produced by a future breakdown, a good engine sound, and so on.

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