Why We Need to Maintain Our Vehicle

maintain our vehicle

The maintenance of a vehicle is to prolong the life of the vehicle. Oil is essential for the proper functioning of many of the moving parts of the engine and the gearbox.

For a vehicle to reach the useful life established by the manufacturer, we must be consistent with each maintenance and keep them up to date.

-Oil, as we saw in another article, is responsible for lubricating moving parts of the engine, when its manufacturing characteristics reduced, the quality of said oil is reduced.

The oil can continue to lubricate, but the agents that carry to clean the mechanical parts that keep the whole assembly clean and lubricated properly disappear and give way to the formation of sediments.

-The oil filter traps particles that are detrimental to the proper functioning: tortillas, sediments, etc., so it must be in good condition.

maintain our vehicle

The crankcase cap also plays a fundamental role, being magnetized to trap the metal shavings produced by poor lubrication or improper friction of the moving parts.

-The air filter filters the impurities contained in the air coming from the outside of the car, improving the quality and trapping harmful particles for the moving parts of the vehicle, avoiding sediment deposits in dirt valves in the intake and possible failures in the intake sensors.

-The diesel oil filter removes the moisture and water that the diesel oil has, thus preventing the injection system parts from corroding.

-The gasoline filter has a different function since it filters dirt particles so that they do not reach the injection system.

maintain our vehicle

Both filters make the whole assembly work better and improve the durability of the engines.

-The cabin filter of vital importance so that it filters the air inside the cabin and does not enter dirt or pollen in springtimes, making the air conditioning equipment work well.

Besides, if you are allergic, it demands that you change it every so often, so you improve your comfort inside the vehicle’s interior.

Everything is programmed and guaranteed so that the car lasts as long as possible if we neglect we lose kilometers and with what it entails, a loss of durability. Taxi drivers know this well as the one that keeps their fleet of vehicles well maintained and clean.

Apart from the mechanical parts of the vehicle, to give a better look at our car, we must clean its interior:

maintain our vehicle

For this we must take care to remove the dirt from the mats, it is the part of the car where most of the dirt of a car and mites concentrated, if you are allergic or have asthma problems it is very important to have clean, it is more We recommend changing the cloth mats with rubber ones.

Seating is also a fundamental part of the cleaner and dust-free the better for our health.

And finally, the dashboard, use a product that helps us not to deposit in the dust and other dirt now keep us for much longer clean.

A clean car is a pride for those who drive it, giving another image, and especially if you are a transport professional, your customers will have a very good vision of you.

So, if we don’t want to have to change the car in a long time, let’s pay attention to the changes in time and its cleaning in general.

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