Maserati Quattroporte modified front Hood and the fog light

Car manufacturers of different national brands will give different answers to luxury cars of luxury brands, such as the German Mercedes-Benz trumpet, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, or the Japanese Lexus LS. But for the Italian-made luxury brand large car, it not only mixes the genes of the sports car, but also brings a strong artistic atmosphere. This is the president of Maserati.

It is different from BBA or Japanese luxury brands. Maserati is a car for drivers. The thick voice and individual brand are one of the factors that attract consumers. There is a modified brand to upgrade Maserati, giving the driver a more personalized, more sporty look, this is the modified Maserati introduced to you today.

In the suite of the Sports LINE Black Bison Edition Body kit, the logo is red. The front cover with a new design and multi-layer design makes the front of the car fuller. In addition, the daytime running lights were added on both sides of the front cover, and the effect of the daytime running lights on the night with the headlights was really murderous.

On the side, 22-inch chrome wheels attract the eye. The highly technical wheel is called the VORSARINO V12-C, which has a front wheel size of 255/30 and a rear wheel of 295/25. Large-sized fender wheels are very durable under the body.

In the rear part of the car, the upgraded rear part not only incorporates a spoiler design, but also installs a central LED rear fog light similar to F1. At the same time, the four exhausts have also been upgraded, and a special sound can be erupted.

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